Detox My Mac Reviews

Detox My Mac is basically a mac software application cleaner. It cleans the mac registry to achieve maximum capability and optimum performance. The application is designed to enable a mac owner in freeing space and cleaning out unwanted junk files.

This application removes all junk files from the mac even those that the owner do not know they exist. Some of these junk files poses threats without owners’ knowledge.


It removes all stored unwanted and junk files on the mac products leaving the memory space free. This consequently enhances the computer speed after a successful cleanup is done well.

The product is well designed and much channeled. For example Detox in mac book features is a simple check box on the menu bar. The tools that comprise detox feature include a detox option, a check box menu and a detox scan option.

The user chooses specific areas that should be scanned. Scanning using detox is simple as well. Simply a user is just required to include the drives, data and files or any other field that they wish to be scanned.

The selection process starts immediately after you hit the scan button. This application compares the number of files and their respective memory space they consume when put in the check box.

Then it continues to find different files required for other applications and excludes since they are important for the mac software.

Who is the creator?

It was developed by a team that also designed Detox My PC for windows users. However, the software is distributed by CLICKBANK. It was launched in the year 2012.

Since it was realized in the market is has gained a notable mac users and associated online community attention. This has led to its popularity and recognition to a lot of individuals around the world as the best registry cleaner for mac.

Moreover, it has low prices specifically for pro version making it affordable than other similar applications.

What is included in the program?

Detox software has other discount services that it comes with. This Detox My Mac discount application include the following:

Detox application leftovers

This practice is usually done to speed up a computer and free even more disc space. This is achieved by uninstalling applications which are unused and removing them from the computer completely.

While cleaning the computer using Detox My Mac, applications leftovers are removed due to some file errors. Such leftovers example comprises files and other settings. Using detox application leftovers application removes them completely without a trace.

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Detox unused language

This application assists you to remove languages that you might have forgotten. It helps in freeing the amount of disc space which someone can use for storage of other files. When you utilize it, you will be able to free and save disc space in GBs amounting to as much as a hundred.

Detox trashes and downloads

Those who are downloading addicts will be excited by this discount application. It removes files making cleaning hassle free and relatively faster. It blasts away all of the deleted files that are left in the trash can completely.

It also assists to clean up copies of duplicate files and other applications that have been downloaded for several times. It saves the user time wasted browsing through different files comparing them one by one.

Detox cache files

Cache files when get cluttered slows down a computer. Unfortunately, only a small number of computer users practice cache files to empty them all the time. Also, those who clean cache files have no 100% guarantee assurance of their clearance.

This additional discount application takes a few seconds to clean cluttered cache files completely. Cleaning of cluttered cache files leads to faster internet surfing and even higher system responsiveness.

Detox history and archives

Many people do not find it convenient to delete history and archives of drowsed web pages. When browse history and archives visited recently stay on the browser provides faster surfing.

This practice saves a user time and hassles of looking for URLs recently visited, links and files when require, just mentioning.

However, while left out for a long period of time browser loses its optimized speed capacity. This leads slower browsing rate, especially when downloading online and watching videos.

Detox logs, reports and more

A computer system usually records logs like file errors or application errors that are encountered. This discount application will make it easier to clean registry and delete all unused and unwanted logs.

Although, Detox My Mac application has marvelous features making it to be a preferred mac product. It also has advantages and disadvantages being reported by users.

The following are the most common pros and cons it possesses as research on its usage indicates.


  • It is a simple and easy to use
  • It removes irrelevant files and unused files as fundamental law standards stipulate
  • It works wonders OS X 10.5 version of mac systems and all its successors
  • It updated and upgraded timely freely
  • The software license is transferable


  • Although, detox removes all unwanted and junk files. It is uninformed of the processor files on the RAM which are irrelevant. It does not have the ability to see them and clean them out by deleting them. Thus, it leaves useless system processes.

Does The Product Work?

Detox My Mac application is currently recognized as an advanced and of its own kind cleaner. It is packed with functions that are easy to use with fast delivery and very high performance for mac computer systems.

Its interface and design has been cited as a standard setter for registry cleaners for developer not only for mac but also for windows user. It a companion for even heavier computer users and web surfers who experience a lot of troubled performance.



In comparison to other registry cleaner applications, this application is highly recommendable. Its speed is a breakthrough and unheard off from other similar cleaners.

In addition, the application guarantees more disc space, speeds up a computer, more responsive performance, more accurate performance and a longer life span for your hard disk and system.

Certainly, it is an application that beats all of its kind. Also, it is incredibly affordable and comes in one package.