PaySpree Reviews

The word “digital market place” definitely rings a bell to everyone with the knowledge of the internet. Just a simple illustration about it reveals that it is the place where digital products are sold and there are a number of digital market places available on the internet.


I will concentrate on the one significant digital market place that is fast growing and taking over the market. PaySpree is the new reliable and highly profitable digital market place that is fast growing in the digital world and many people are joining this market place.

Contrary to the other digital market places, PaySpree is very different and all the bureaucratic process have been eliminated so as to increase the satisfaction for both sellers and promoters.

Here, you earn money without selling your products. You simply need to promote other products and the payment is instant. This instant payment is by far the best feature with this market place because you no longer have to wait for one month to receive your money.

It is much easier to sell digital products online with this platform. If you are wondering how you can be associated with successful market place, look no further than because here you will find everything that the market offers.

The product

PaySpree is a digital market place that sells downloadable products like software, membership subscriptions and eBooks amongst others.Digital market places are particularly involved with digital products.

This market and others dealing in this range of products often account for billions of dollars in sales yearly. This shows the significant demand and supply of digital products.

Digital products like the ones sold here have been on the rise and their demand has followed technological advancement.

New growth generally lead to innovation of new ideas and this is so for PaySpree because different digital products available from this site are generally derived through innovation.

There are millions of digital products and they available for download at and the most common ones include,

  • Dollar tree
  • Dollar madness
  • Lucky dollar
  • Miracle membership
  • Facebook group poster (and others)


About the creator

PaySpree was created by GaryMcCaffrey with the aim of helping the mass to increase their earning online. He formulated a critical system that has helped in reducing the start up costs and he has also created a members forum where new suggestions are considered for implementation.

What is included in the program?

Generally, PaySpree borrows a lot from the existing market places like PayDotCom and there is the aspect of guaranteed instant payment of Rapid Action Profit that is included in the program.

The program also includes an ideal system setting a product is very easy and the cost of getting started is zero. This program includes the ideal sport for the affiliates where they stand a chance of earning up to 100% of the sale.

In addition to all the above, PayPal, alert pay and Moneybookers are all the options that are included and this creates an open ground without limitations to participate in this digital market place.

How PaySpree work

PaySpree is very simple and easy to operate and there are different kinds of earnings in this site. The first is to sell the digital products where the vendor will have to fulfill critical steps.

The first step regarding this step involves the vendor listing his/her products and making sales. The products do not require any approval and the sales are paid directly into the chosen account.

In case there are affiliates involved with product promotion, the vendor needs not to worry because PaySpree will sort all the affiliates and pay them accordingly.

The working of the commission system is slightly different from other digital market systems. The payment of the commission under PaySpree is not based on the amount of sales but rather based on the number of sales.

The aim is to ensure that both vendors and affiliates are paid directly into their accounts. You will find out from that there are different levels of commission namely 50%, 60%, 75% & 100%. There is another option for 0% commission.

Finally, PaySpree holds an affiliate agreement stating that all affiliates must honor the refund policy that is stipulated under the terms of operation and failure to do this will result in account termination.

Ideal candidate for the products

Virtually everyone is an ideal candidate for the PaySpree products. Changes in shopping trends have resulted in the increase for online shopping and everyone with technological knowledge is a candidate for the products.

More specific candidates are the online entrepreneurs and those who make purchases online.


  • There is zero approval process
  • Instant payment of commission to the PayPal account
  • Presence of multiple payment options (PayPal, Moneybookers and Alert pay)
  • No fees for product activation
  • Millions of products listed on the market place
  • Easy and simple steps to list and sell products


  • Manual refund automation system
  • New digital market network with few affiliates

Does the product work?

All the products listed at works. This is a legitimate digital market place with real products that work. The vendors sell real products that work and the affiliates also help in selling these products to the millions across the globe.



In my humble opinion, the leading players in the digital market network are set for a major shock because PaySpree is set to take over the market. This sentiment is true because PaySpree has made advancement in the failures observed in the market.

For example, PaySpree has improved on the failure of ClickBank to delay with the issuance of payments to affiliates by making instant payments to the affiliates.

Furthermore, it has also improved on the affiliate system offered by PayDotCom. Generally, PayDotCom is a good system but it is very costly to the beginners.

Therefore, I foresee the future digital network being controlled by PaySpree because it has capitalized on the existing failures and improved them to become its core strength.

I highly recommend for the vendors and affiliates because it is a faster money making system.