PC HealthBoost Reviews

PC HealthBoost is a software tool that fixes errors in the registry of your PC. It is available for free trials up to 60 days. You may not avail all the facilities with the trail version. With the upgraded version you can get full registry clean up solutions.

With the trail version you can see the glimpse of the error fixing abilities of the tool. At times you may encounter problems like frequent freezing of your desktop while you are in the midst of some important work.


This tool may do away with such problems by making your PC completely error free.

PC HealthBoost Creator

Boost software Inc is the creator of the software tool. This is company that specializes in PC based products based in Boston MA. The company designs product keeping people in mind.

The company is famous for making user friendly products that help people solve their problems easily. Apart from that the company focuses on giving easy installation and easy usage procedures that common people can follow.

Unlike many junk products available on the internet that force you to install a toolbar, you can install the products of the company when you feel the need of those.

What is included in PC HealthBoost?

PC HealthBoost includes many features for your day to day PC problems

ScanSafe technology

While scanning your system, most of the software tools block functioning of some of the genuine applications along with malfunctioning applications.

It is therefore essential to create a backup of your registry before you start scanning your PC. With this technology, you don’t need to create a backup as it automatically creates a backup for you.

Startup Boost

Slow startup is a common problem for many PC users. You don’t know which program to discard from the startup and which to keep.

This tool scans your startup program list and filters out the unnecessary programs from your startup that slow your system startup.

Scheduled scan

You often tend to use internet in your day to day life. You visit many websites that you may not even know about. Your PC becomes vulnerable due to bad effect of malware and worm.

You need to regularly clean your PC to maintain its health. Once you activate scheduled scan in your PC, the tools will automatically clean up the errors in your PC.


Smart Update

The tools get added up with new definitions because of the growing error threats. You need to constantly update your tool for proper functioning of your PC.

You don’t need to update the tool manually. You just need to click on the smart update button to allow the tool to automatically update itself.

Cache cleanup

With cleaning the catch, you make your PC completely private. The performance of your Pc gets improved. The software tool automatically cleans up cache to enhance the performance of your PC.

How does it work?

The tools works by solving various errors that PC shows from time to time.

It deals with all types of error messages that your PC shows up. When you clean up your registry by using the software tool, all the error messages get fixed. Adding to that your system performance gets improved.

Most of the times you get tired of certain extension problems such as EXE and DLL. The software tools sorts out problems related to those.

It is integrated with startup boost that improves the PC startup time. At times your PC shuts down itself because of multitasking.

With this tool you may not have such problems in future. The creator of this tool provides 24*7 supports for all of its customers to take benefit from the tools.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

Anybody who is using a PC should use this product provided you meet the system requirements.

Operating system requirements

This tool works for all the versions of Windows operating systems. It works for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems of Windows 8, windows 7, windows XP (pro and home ), and Windows Vista.

Ram and hard drive requirements

You should have a one GB RAM to use this tool. But the recommended RAM is 2 GB. It takes only 10 MB space of your hard drive but it is recommended to have 50 MB of hard drive space.

Internet requirements

To register the product you need to internet connection. To update the tool regularly you also need to have internet connection.


  • This software tool works with all versions of windows operating system.
  • You can have full added features with the upgraded version of the software tool.
  • With one software tool, you can sort out multiple problems of your PC.
  • Your PC starts up faster, runs faster. The errors in your PC get reduced with time.


  • This product doesn’t work with any other operating system except the windows.
  • Some people may think that the price is a bit high for such a tool.
  • The trail version of the software tool only works for some of the file associations and font developments.

Does the software tool work?

Most of the customers, who used the tool, got positive results. You can read the customers reviews to know more about the legitimacy of the software tools.

As the name suggests the software tool improves overall health performance of your PC. Easy to use software tool automatically boosts up your PC performance without even asking you to sort out the problems individually.

You just need to click various options few times to get your problems solved. It removes all the errors that your PC shows. Your PC becomes around 216% faster than it used to be before using the software tool.

You don’t need to be worried about blue screen of your PC which is generally caused due to registry errors.



The creator of the software tool is the Gold partner of Microsoft application development team. The product abides by all the standards of the operating systems developed by Microsoft Corp.

The company takes pride for being the gold partner of world’s renowned computer firm Microsoft.