Phone Detective Reviews

Phone detective is actually a website which has recently been launched with the main purpose of detecting callers to a particular number, m any times phone owners go through nightmares from callers they don't know.

Unknown callers are known to bring great harassment to law abiding citizens over a long period of time; United States is a big territory with several states and a huge population to match.


It's not easy to even detect without any reliable tools if someone has been hired by your enemy to harass you. This type of harassment has to stop so that you can lead your life peacefully again; phone detective has an answer to this problem.

It comes with unique features which can detect all American registered numbers in real time, all relevant information about the caller is revealed once feed into the detective instantly.

Phone detectives meant to grab any phone number fed to its bar, it then do a quick search to determine the origin of the number in question in real time.

It doesn't matter whether the phone number fed is a cell number or a land-line which is also known as fixed line, it then search all details about the company which the phone number is attached to, the physical address of the user, the name and other identification details and even place of work that person is stationed.

The program is a real display of technology and power in the process of identification; it's easy and very convenient.

About the author

The author of this software is not so much pronounced or so exposed, but Brandon Hann is among the authors and designers of this If not the owner of the company.

What does it comes with:

Phone detective comes with many features which make it an ideal and convenient in real time, here are very useful aspects of the program:

a) Superior detective: there are many other systems in the market which have laid claims of being able to detect all information about a phone number, but they mostly turn out to be just another. But this program is ideal and delivers accurately.

b) A wide database of numbers: the software has stored a more extensive database of information in the entire United States, it has many details of almost registered phone numbers in the country both cellular and fixed phone numbers. This makes it ideal and a worth type of software to purchase.

c) Extensive search results: Using the software gives a detailed account of the result in real time; it brings out all important details about the callers identifications, locations, place of work and the mobile or fixed telephone provider plus even the type of phone used.

d) Multiple Data streams: Phone detective come with many streams of data up to 95%, it sources for data from several sources making it an ideal for investigation purposes and accuracy. Other phone spy programs just have only one data source and low speed; this is the difference with this superior phone detective.

Reverse Search

e) Cell phone carrier: The detective gives much more results in real time; it shows all details about the caller’s phone carrier. It also gives a detailed account of the location's map about the current residence or former residential details.

f) Money back program: you can claim your money back if not satisfied with the software's effectiveness, a customer can just call or email for any complaint to the customer care 24/7 online. A refund is done in case of unsatisfactory from the customer.

g) Secure purchasing program: the purchase is very secure since it's connected to a secure online system where all your credit card and debit card information is safe. The information is secure and being protected by 128-bit/SSL secure connection.

h) Confidential searching: Nobody can notice that you were tracing their information; it's very secretive such that you are the only one who knows which phone numbers you are tracking.

How does it work: is an identification application which covers all fixed lines, and cellular phones in the entire United States of America.

It operates very easily and fast all you have to do is sign up and you will get the software just on your smartphone or any device which is ideal:

a) Enter the phone information into a search bar or box then press enter to see details.
b) Preview the information about the number (location, city, address and the rest).
c) Pay in-case you want to view all detailed information about the contact of the person in question. Then all details are displayed on your screen in real time.

The candidate the product is meant for: can be used by anybody provided you have the right device to access the program, to use the software you need to become a member and sign up.

There is a payment of about $49 or so annual subscription fee payable, the money is refundable in case the customer is not satisfied with the services.

The software is an ideal for detectives in real life as professionals, the police personnel and any other person who is often harassed by unknown callers.

Members who feel that their lives are being threatened also can use it to harness their security after reporting to the police.


a) It is easy to use: the software can be installed in any computer or smartphone with any operating system and be used very fast.
b) Compatible to any OP: the software can be accessed in any device which is installed with any program whether Windows, Opera, MSN Hotmail, Android, Apples and Mac.
c) Helps to detect fraudsters especially when fake numbers appears on the phone bills.
d) To locate old friends or lost families and kin.
e) Detecting a cheating spouse.
f) For address verifications and more.
g) To identify a prank call or caller before reporting to police.


a) Sometimes phone numbers details are not accurately identified though just a few.
b) Other services need a further payment of $9.95 per number to get more details; this can be very expensive for many phone numbers.
c) Only is applicable in United States only, this is a limitation.
d) Uses internet, sometime when your device is not connected to a modem or an internet it can't work. Some phone spy or trackers uses just phone network to do tracking in real time.


Does it work?

From then conclusion from all the above points, the product works in real time and is very effective in all applications and programs?

The purchase of this software is worth its salt and recommended for everyone. The price is very reasonable since its period and can do endless searches.