RegServe Reviews

RegServe is a computer registry optimizing program that was developed by Xionix. The software is compatible with windows such as Windows Vistas, windows 7, windows 98 and windows XP. The most common version of RegServe is with more than 98 percent of the total current installations using this version.


This software has an average user rating of about 3.5 out of the 5.0. Its use is recommended, especially when examined and verified with antivirus software.

Upon the installation and set-up, RegServe defines an auto-start registry entry which in turn makes the program to run on the every windows boot for all the users’ login.

Predetermined function is added to the windows’ task-scheduler so as to launch the program at a varying scheduled times. The program installer has 28 files and is about 17.2 MB or 18,032,914 bytes.

Regserveupdaterhelper.exe refers to an automatic updating component of the program that is designed to download as well as apply any new updates if newer versions are released.

Comparing with the total number of users, more personal computers run the operating Windows 7 and the windows 8. The recent studies have reveled that most of the users of RegServe are found in United States (97 percent); the software is also common in Canada.

How it works

1. The first step is to download the RegServe. When you have downloaded the RegServe, then keenly follow all the steps on the computer screen to complete the installation of the software. If you experience any difficulty when downloading the RegServe, disable temporarily the firewall or the antivirus software of the computer.

2. When the RegServe is successfully downloaded and installed, make sure that you locate it on the Start menu or desktop. Then double click the RegServe icon to launch the application.

3. However, before using this application, ensure that it is registered by entering the licensing key given at the time of purchase. If for any reason, the licensing key was not given, you can get the license key by the use of the transaction ID or through your email.

After receiving the license key, click on the “Register” link at the top-right-corner of Reserve Screen then enter your license key.

Do not run the “registry scan” before entering the license key since you might be required to buy another RegServe again.


How to Use the RegServe

1. Scan the Registry: in order to carry out a Registry Scan, you should select or deselect areas of the registry you intend to scan then click on the scan button to continue. To see the scanned areas, hover on the item using the mouse pointer to see the item descriptions.

2. Ignoring Items: RegServes have an inbuilt ignore lists that ensure there is a maximum compatibility among the platforms with the third party applications. If one wishes the RegServe to overlook a certain area of the registry, he or she can deselect the item following registry scan.

3. Repair of Registry Items: when the registry is scanned for errors and the items intended to be overlooked are selected, click on the fix button to repair any registry error. Always remember that any change to the registry can be restored back to their original status using the Restore or Backup features in the RegServe.

4. To Defrag the Registry: To compact and optimize the registry of the computer, RegServe requires that one uses the Defrag registry setting. It is even easier since, RegServe has an additional one-click -start Defragmentation button. Restart is only needed after running a “registry defrag”.

5. Managing a Start-up: After re-starting the computer from a registry defrag, one should be able notice a decrease in startup times. To improve the startup time, one should manage all applications that automatically launch during the window startup.

You can click on RegServe startup button to see the applications which appear. RegServe requires that one selects the item that he or she does not want to launch automatically and disable it on a “Disable Selected button”

How Registry Works on the Computer

If the computer is run by a version of the Windows that is later than the Windows 3.1, the computer is said to have a registry. The computer registry is responsible for almost all the tasks carried out by the computer, including accessing the files and starting up the programs.

The Registry works like a file Cabinet

The registry on the computer does the similar work that can be performed by a filing cabinet. The filing cabinet is used to keep the paper documents that were created and which might be required to be accessed and used in future.

These files arranged and stored in a safe place. Just like the filing cabinet, the registry keeps a larger amount of work in a more organized manner.

Advantages of RegServe

1. To boost the speed of the computer: this software helps to eliminate any form of registry error and help to manage the startup thus increasing the startup speed of the computer.

2. Increase the healthy and stability of the PC: RegServe can automatically scan the computer to detect, identify and fix any registry error that might inhibit the working of the computer.

3. Prevention of errors and clashes: the software eliminates errors and also optimizes the registry of the computer, thus helping to prevent any dreaded symptoms of the aging computer.

4. Bonus Material: it helps to protect files, provide backups as well as export data and free up the resources through reduction of the file size up to 97 percent.

5. Warranty: there is a sixty day refund money guarantee if the client is not satisfied with the serves of the RegServe.

A computer registry is a database made up of numerous files that can be accessed by the computer user to perform a number of tasks.


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Due to the reason that many requests are sent to the computer registry, it is therefore of great importance that the computer registry be optimized and frequently maintained.

The management process can be done manually but it is a very hard and complicated task. These can lead to incorrect entries and alterations to the computers’ registry leading to a defective computer or crash.

Due to this reason, many users prefer the RegServe to manage the computer registry. The program automatically scans the computer for any defect, corrupt, missing or any deleted entries.

RegServe will automatically update and correct without the need of technical knowledge. RegServe has also a registry defragmenter that helps to optimize the requests sent to the computer registry thus increasing the computer speed.