Winclear Reviews

Winclear is software which is used to clear all your online and off line activities, there are sometime very genuine reasons to clear such records in real time.

The product is an ideal for playing safely and for security purposes, these days any traces of internet records can be used by cyber fraudsters to execute harm or steal in any form.


Sometime it may seem as if no details of what you are doing in PC or Laptop is not stored, the truth is Windows and related programs trap all information and records done in them.

The history is easily stored in the hard disk are or built-in Windows functionality like “Clear History”, the information can be easily accessed either on your computer or online by any one, seeing the history is not hard this raises real security and privacy concerns.

The Creator of Winclear:

Dennis Mitchel is the author or creator of this program.

What does the program come with:

The program come with several features which are ideal for the best erasing and deleting job, besides many ideal features which it comes with, it's also accompanied with other added advantages and bonuses when purchased.

The program has a money back guarantee when purchased by any customer worldwide, it has a 6 weeks period with which if not satisfied a customer can claim back the refunds.

It's very simply to get money back if not satisfied; this is applicable within 8 weeks after purchase by just emailing your queries.

The program has full technical support by the creators which is done via anytime through email 7 days a week without any further charges at all. The payment of $37 foe subscription is a one off payment for life, renewal is done free of charge.

How does it work:

All you need to do is to install the program in your computer or any device you are using, the website provides a downloading option where you just need to click then save in your computer?

After it's fully installed in a device, your work will be to put it on or navigate it as you would like to erase any history in your PC. The program cleans and deletes unwanted history by using three different buttons or tabs; Start Scan, Choose button and other options.

The cleaning option is applied to delete and clean all history in internet files wiping, autocomplete Data, cookies cleaning, and history in every aspect of the PC.

As you click the start button then go to select tab, the selected items is eventually cleaned are totally erased. It cleans all caches, cookies, history, temporary internet files, Address drop-list Box data/Location Bar, Temporary folder files, Scan-disk File Fragments and more.


It also erases the following:

The program also erases completely the following when applied;

All the history secured by the recovered data, Recycled Bins at Windows start menu, TEMP Folder Files, Registry Streams, Windows Fragmented files, Windows Media-player Recent File list, Windows Start Menu Run, Windows Temporary File Directory, All Windows recently Documented list found in Windows Start Up menu, Auto Complete Data For MS, Index, at file and more. The program erases all the above with utmost accuracy.

Who should use the program:

The program is ideal for a heavy computer user who does real time internet browsing and surfing, since it help in erasing all Windows history which entails all private sessions.

The software is important for people who also do online transactions where all information is required; such transactions are regarded just like someone doing banking which requires secure systems.

Many cyber frauds are done just by following the surfing or transaction history, the software is an ideal in such cases where the history is sensitive. I think it also is an ideal for other security issues online.

Browser capability:

Winclear uses a number of browsers in an easy mode; but it basically usable in almost all popular browsers which includes;

Internet Explorer, All versions of Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, AOL, Safari7, Operas, and MSN Explorer. This makes it very user friendly in several systems.

System Requirements:

Winclear is applicable in system with the following requirements;
Intel Pentium or any other supportive Processors.
Microsoft Windows 98 /ME /NT/2000 /XP/2003.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, 64MB RAM or More and a 2 MB hard Disc space.

Advantages or Pros:

  • Easy to use: it has a shortcut which is set to work in the background effectively.
  • Free Disk Space: Support FAT/FAT32/NTFS File Systems.
  • Compatible with all major browsers; Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari 7, Opera, Ubuntu, Firefox, Netscape, MSN Explorer and AOL.
  • Safe to use in real time, it cleans all hidden spaces in the drive securely.
  • File Shredder: it erase totally all contented of selected folders and files, this becomes untraceable afterwards.
  • Schedules Options: it has functionality where scheduling is done very easily to an appropriate time on the system.
  • LiveUpdate: another salient feature is of downloading and updating any latest features in record time, this allows for updates and adjustments in the program.


  • The Trial version make it easy to do scanning to your PC, but once the items are selected deleting becomes impossible.
  • It has no any other options after the files have been scanned and deleted.
  • It doesn't have an automatic file scanning schedule.
  • Scanning and cleaning is not automatic, but has to be initiated by the user through Windows start menu.

Then program is an ideal for many users, the features are many and ideal for an advanced cleaning and scanning system.


The program works very well though there should be a few modernizations to make it fully automated. The software is very efficient and solid to offer real time for internet security cleaning.

Winclear is a good program which is worth buying since it offers a quality work; it's simple but efficient internet privacy software. It has very simple and easy to use interface which is ideal.

Its simplicity and clear functionality makes it an ideal for every user, with little improvements it will become the ultimate privacy software.